Thursday, 16 October 2014

Street Body

The little boys of yesterday has certainly grown into a fine specimen. Trashy, half-naked, and cigarette in one hand they walk on the street with not a care in the world. Just like this guy here who in a hot afternoon captured my attention. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

From Abs to Flabs

Time holds no keeper. 

Jake Cuenca a name has dominated the Bench Underwear Fashion shows and Ads. The brand is practically tied to him and it is no wonder because back then he really sports a body that is worthy of an underwear model. For many years no one could replace him.

You can probably imagine how shock everyone was on the finale of yesterday's The Naked Truth, another Denim and Underwear fashion show by the local apparel brand Bench, when he strutted on the ramp wearing a very skimpy brief. It was revealing yes, but not as revealing as his current physique. Literally from Abs to Flabs.

As you can see on the photo above (right) Jake appeared to have gained a few pounds and the rock hard abs are now softer and flabby. Despite that I guess what this guy is trying to say is, no matter what shape he is in, he'll always be Jake Cuenca. He'll always wow the crowd.