Thursday, 31 July 2014

Korean Sausage

Korean men are the "it" thing nowadays. Their soap operas and K-Pop is truly a wonder which is sweeping the world. The Korean wave is very strong and I guess non-stronger than here in the Philippines. Ask a girl who she wants to marry and she'll probably tell you that if she can she would wed one of those Korean actors.

We can't blame them. Korean guys with their almond shaped eyes, their nice skin and of course there's that  conservatism they have that somehow keeps everyone guessing if they are capable of doing something naughty. But the answer is yes, Koreans just like any other race of men of course gets horny and when no one is looking they are also bound to "show" some cockiness.

Picture of the boy is Nam Sanghyun from Korea who aside from his cute photo was gracious enough to share to the world what a Korean sausage looks like. 

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a South Korean Sausage, cut and bushy!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Paolo Bediones Scandal

A friend sent me this photo and eventually the link containing the infamous video of Paolo Bediones a TV reporter and former survivor Philippines host. 

After watching the video I have to agree with most netizens about two things: one well obviously Mr. Bediones is not hung, I'm guessing somewhere between 4.5 to 5 inches slightly thicker than Chito Miranda, and two he is not a performer in bed. How the woman got off after what he did is beyond me.

Anyway I guess the buzz about this video is mainly due to the fact that he is someone from TV and of course there's that bit of a shock about him displaying this sort of demeanor. But I guess everyone has his or her own hidden and kinky fantasy that sometimes create an urge which therefore leads to doing things like this.

Sadly for Mr. Bediones his little fantasy of becoming a porn star in his bedroom got out of hand, as this supposedly private video has become something that the public now has accessed to and what's worst is he didn't even got paid. 

As a journalist he is used to viewing things in his perspective but now the table has turned. Mr. Bediones will now feel what it is like to be under close scrutiny and to be at the receiving end of every nasty pun and comment. Now the question is whether he or his career will survive this sort of scandal.